Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Women’s most common heart diseases

According to the data, every third woman in the developing countries dies from heart disease. A large number of women also die from complications with blood streams. Also, women in America sufficiently don’t take into account the health of their heart and blood vessels. They decide to visit a cardiologist only when the symptoms and signs of disease are visible.

What are the most common heart disease in women and how to recognize them?

Researches report that the biggest health risk for women is breast cancer. Also, there are gynecological cancers and osteoporosis. However, statistics show that in Western countries, 30 percent of women die from heart disease. Because of vascular problems, more than 50 percent of the women in America die. One in three American women dies of heart disease and blood streams. Therefore, the time has come to pay more attention to diseases of the heart and blood vessels for women. The latest global research has shown that every third woman dies of cardiac arrest, while breast cancer takes away every eighth woman. A heart attack is the most common killer of women in developed countries. Its treatment is much more difficult and has a much lesser percentage of success, compared to men.

How to prevent the development of heart disease by women?

Doctor_talking_with_a_patientIt is necessary to work more in the field of education of women. Also, it is necessary to know the signs and symptoms of the disease to timely recognize. Previously, the disease is considered a typical male heart disease. The mortality rate of heart attacks among women is 50 percent. 30 percent among men and women who survive a first heart attack have a higher probability of death in the first year. Also, according to American research, 46 percent of women remain permanently disabled for normal life after a heart attack, while only 22 percent of men dies. This statistic above all shows how crucial it is to warn women to pay attention to heart disease. Most women regularly review the breast itself and going for regular checkups because of the possibility of cancer, but very few of them pay attention to the prevention of heart disease.

Are there young patients and what are their most common heart problems?

Younger women in most cases will be sick of different forms of disorders palpitations, high blood pressure, etc. During the last decade, the number of the viral disease of the heart muscle has increased.

Do women take care and go to the doctor when they feel some discomfort?

Unfortunately, women are under care about the state of health of the heart and blood vessels, and they decide to visit a cardiologist only when there are symptoms and signs of disease are present. Women usually come to treatment in such a bad shape that are difficult to treat.

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