Our Mission

Welcome to our page! As you will be reading below, you will see the background of our decision to create this page. 


This year was the year of realization. We started with numbers as finance is all about calculation to get the best decisions. So, we searched online and made inquiries about the common financial issues and the general conditions. We found something surprising and saddening at the same time. Look at the statistics below. 

  • Forty-two percent of citizens of productive ages do not know how to deal with tax seasons, nor are they prepared for the payments. 
  • Sixty-three percent of workers find it hard to manage their monthly income, especially when they have a minimum salary and family members to support. 
  • More than twenty percent of retired people do not have plans with their retirement money, exposing them to the risk of unprovided senior life. 


After all the research we did, we came up with a decision to start this page as an informational platform where people can learn about finance. 

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