How to survive drug abuse


Since the start of the use of recreational drugs, substance abuse has risen beyond comprehensible levels. It’s not just recreation anymore; many drug companies use opioids and other addictive substances for their painkillers and anti-depressants etc. The surprising thing is that the drug authorities do not restrict the use of these substances as it was slowly becoming a norm for the medicine supply industries. Sleeping pills are perfect examples of these drugs. The side effects these drugs carry should be given necessary attention because it causes extreme harm to your body, health, and fitness.

Similarly, abusing drugs like heroin, crystal meth and alcohol is like a slow suicide. With the rise of global terrorism, the focus has been shifted from the drug cartels and narcotics suppliers which have led to a global drug epidemic. But there is always a way out, a silver lining to start a new healthy and fit life with a positive attitude. Here we will show you how to survive drug abuse:

Accept the reality you face right now and start facing it

2The first step to dealing with a problem is to accept that there is one. An addict knows all along that he is running from something but does not find himself strong enough to face it. Whatever problem you are facing will not be as bad as drug addiction, and you have to start dealing with it first. The first is always the hardest, after that its persistence and progress.

In most cases, addicts want the words heard from their loved ones. Talk to your family and closed ones and tell them you need help. One Human cannot survive alone and needs help at some stage of life; there is no shame in needing help. But the hardest fight is the devil in the mind and it has to be fought alone.

Seek Professional help

In most prolong addictions, in addition to the psychological changes, the health of the person is also in a very critical condition and requires immediate medical attention. You have to accept to the fact that the professionals know what they are doing and you will improve. Improvement is the base around which the whole mentality of the recovering addict is based. When an addict notices the damages drugs caused to his body, he will realize that it was a self-destruction and should never happen again.

Re-vitalize your health and life

Maintaining progress is the key to a recovery. You have to start taking care of yourself, get rid of anything that reminds you of drugs, that goes for your eating and exercise habits too. Most substance abusers either suffer severe weight loss or gain enormous amounts of weight. In any case, you have to start looking after what you eat. A good health ensures a positive mentality and attitude.

Outdoor exercise is also a very important part of the progress, in addition to interaction with people at the gym or the park, it improves your physique and you start feeling better about yourself. You have to change your sleeping schedule as well, go to bed early so that the smell of opportunity in the early morning gives you hope and strength.


Be persistent and be proud

Being persistent and proud is not the key to recovery, it is recovery. During addiction, the only thing an addict is persistent in is increasing the amount of use. If the addict realizes or an intervention is made, the recovery gives a chance to the addict to see the opportunity in front. But to avail that opportunity completely, he must have to be persistent. He must appreciate what he achieves every day.